Obsessed with the future of TV

This is a notebook about television, internet video, and what the next living room will be. It's an outline powered by Fargo. The editor of Glass is Zach Seward; the lead developer is Sam Williams.

The name is an argument: that media are best understood as competition for attention on screens connected to the internet. Phones, tablets, laptops, monitors, television sets—it's all just glass.

  • Piece of glass of the day: Apple has been granted a patent on its cubic retail store in New York.
      • The 5th Ave. glass cube was Apple's first major investment in landmark architecture for its Apple Stores. Originally built in 2006 with 90 glass panes, Apple spent some US$6.7 million rebuilding it with just 15 panes in 2011. That's the version that was granted patent protection, and this is what it looks like in real life:
  • Friday 8.29.14