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This is a notebook about television, internet video, and what the next living room will be. It's an outline powered by Fargo. The editor of Glass is Zach Seward; the lead developer is Sam Williams.

The name is an argument: that media are best understood as competition for attention on screens connected to the internet. Phones, tablets, laptops, monitors, television sets—it's all just glass.

  • What does Apple's likely acquisition of Beats mean for the future of entertainment?
      • The FT is reporting (paywall) that the $3.2 billion deal is in late-stage negotiations. Bloomberg and WSJ have since confirmed.
      • Beats is best known for its fashionable and popular headphones, which it sells at a high margin, not unlike Apple's existing electronics business.
      • But it's hard to imagine Apple buying a company just for its electronics. Beats also recently launched a streaming music service to rival Spotify.
      • Beats Music is a small and unprofitable portion of the business right now, but it could partially explain Apple's interest. Apple, of course, sells music through iTunes and also now streams music for free through iTunes Radio. It does not currently have a subscription music service like Beats.
      • Of course, Apple could build its own subscription music service, but Beats has built a very good one and also has a distribution deal with AT&T. Apple probably also can see whether Beats users on their iPhones are converting into subscribers.
      • Bottom line: It's myopic to say this deal is about headphones.
  • Thursday 5.8.14